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    Behind The Scenes

    Behind The Scenes

    Welcome to our behind-the-scenes page, where we offer you an exclusive glimpse into what happens backstage at Greeting Planet. Transparency and openness are fundamental values for us at Greeting Planet, and we're excited to share the inner workings of our video production process with you.

    We want to emphasize that the challenges faced in Africa differ significantly from those in more affluent regions like the USA or Europe. It's essential to recognize and respect these differences. While our work may come from various parts of the world, it's crucial not to perpetuate hate or racism. Not everyone from a developing country is ex, and it's unfair to generalize or stereotype individuals based on their nationality or economic status.

    If you're genuinely concerned about exploitation, we urge you to reconsider supporting large brands known for their unethical practices, which often exploit workers in developing countries.


    "Teaming up with Greeting Planet has been a transformative experience for us. It's not just about earning money; it's about finding hope and purpose in what we do.

    Previously, we struggled to make ends meet, often working in low-wage jobs with little prospects for advancement. Now, thanks to our collaboration with Greeting Planet, we've discovered a fulfilling and enjoyable way to earn a living while spreading joy to others.

    This opportunity has empowered us to pursue our dreams and provide for our families in ways we never thought possible. We are immensely grateful and proud to be part of this partnership, knowing that it's making a positive impact on our lives and those of our loved ones."

    Thank you for being part of this journey with us!